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St. Peter's School


Established : 1904

12 Valuable Reasons to Send Your Child to a Boarding School

Jan 02, 2017 / STPS

  1. Boarding Schools traditionally have highly qualified teachers who see their work as a calling – not a job. At St. Peter’s you find the right blend of qualified and dedicated teachers who consider teaching as a vocation (employment regarded as worthy and requiring dedication).
  2. Children at Boarding School benefit from small classes and heightened interaction between students and their teachers. At St. Peter’s our Class size is limited with 20 to 25 students per class. Our Student to Teacher ratio is 10: 1.
  3. The residential campus environment ensures that students are immersed in an educational world where learning is central to all activities. It’s a unique setting that promotes common experience, camaraderie, friendship, trust and honesty between children and adults. At St. Peter’s we train our students to experience learning in all that they do. Every activity has a purpose. After any activity there is reflection time at assembly to understand the value learnt through that activity.
  4. Boarding School students are uniquely prepared for college and later for university life as it entails living on campus, away from home. At St. Peter’s the adaptation techniques learnt at a young age while in school helps boarders to get along with peers and the confidence developed while at school helps them to be picked up by the finest colleges and universities, not just in India but outside India too. In addition, they arrive at college better prepared for academic rigor because they learned how to be responsible at St. Peter’s School.
  5. Students are conditioned for future success because they are encouraged to achieve their full potential at Boarding School.  Studies show that Boarding School graduates not only excel at what they pursue, but advance rapidly in their professional careers too. St. Peter’s has an Alumni that can boast of highly successful entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals in all walks of life.
  6. Boarding Schools bestow on students an independence they would not have living at home. It’s an ideal preparation for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life. St. Peter’s is a home away from home where peers take on the mantle of being siblings and teachers adorn the responsibility of parents. Students learn skills that they may be deprived of at home owing to excessive cuddling and an over protective environment that biological parents tend to bestow on their kids.
  7. The foremost function that is performed by a boarding school is providing discipline and a sense of punctuality. The general understanding is that, children who are naughty and disobedient are sent to boarding schools to change their attitude and to instil a sense of discipline in them. However the fact is that parents who want their children to be able to face life and circumstances that life has to offer send their children to boarding schools. At St. Peter’s we function on strict timetables and children are required to be punctual for all classes including academic and extracurricular ones. Emphasis is to be disciplined at all times.
  8. Teacher Guidance is easily available in a boarding school setup. At St. Peter’s students can approach teachers for getting a concept clarified. Especially if a student is lagging behind he can be given the appropriate guidance, students can also interact with the teachers after school hours and approaching them is easy as they are available on campus throughout the day.
  9. Boarding schools are ideal for families that are separate or if parents are constantly travelling. Many parents today are continually on the move from one place to another and they have very limited time for their children. In such a scenario boarding schools are the best option for children. At St. Peter’s we have many satisfied single parents who, due to their constraint in giving sufficient time to their children, chose Peter’s and are today extremely happy with the decision they made.
  10. Most boarding schools have excellent infrastructure for sports and all students are encouraged to take part in at least one outdoor sport. This serves to provide confidence among children and also to help them to be physically fit. Students who take part in inter-school tournaments can interact with students from other schools and this fosters a sense of friendship. Apart from sports students at St. Peter’s are also required to take part in extracurricular activities that are designed to build team spirit and help in intellectual development. This is an important aspect of schooling at St. Peter’s and many day schools neglect this aspect of education.
  11. Boarding schools offer fewer distractions to the children as they are kept well away from the life of the urban areas. Boarding schools are generally situated outside the city or in a remote place and students do not have the opportunity to involve themselves in any harmful activities or habits. St. Peter’s is nestled in the hills of Panchgani with a cool climate throughout the year and serene surroundings of lush green forested areas and a lot of greenery on its 58 acre campus as well. Due to fewer distractions children will be able to concentrate more on studies and other activities. Our ICSE result of 2015-16 speaks for itself, out of 53 students who appeared 44 secured distinctions and the remainder 9 had First Class to their credit.
  12. A healthy mind in a healthy body is the mantra to excel at academics. At St. Peter’s we have designated nutritionists and experts who advice and fix the menu for the children with tasty but wholesome nutrition such that children get the best and grow up to be healthy and be mentally alert to receive the education imparted within the portals of a 112 year old heritage educational institution that has the ICSE curriculum to offer to its students and prepare them for life.


All-in-all St. Peter’s makes Men out of Boyz. St. Peter’s builds men of character that develop a never say die attitude and have the ability and conviction to come out of disastrous situations that they face in their later lives. St. Peter’s creates WINNERS which you as parents will be proud of and willingly say East or West Peter’s is the BEST.

Thus, boarding schools have their own set of benefits and they are a feasible option and much preferred among many parents today. It’s cool to be smart and follow the trend of educating your child in a boarding, no let’s call it a residential school.

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