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St. Peter's School


Established 1904

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St. Peter's School


Established : 1904

Academic Excellence at St. Peter’s School

Mar 05, 2017 / STPS

St. Peter’s School believes in academic excellence along with co-curricular activities. The 2016 ICSE results testify the level of teaching and the perseverance of students under the guidance of the faculty at St. Peters School. With a 100% pass rate and 77% students securing distinction, it is safe to say that the students have held the name of St. Peters up high.

In the ICSE Examination of 2016, 4 out of 53 students secured above 90%, and 16 out of 53 students secured marks in the range of 80% to 89%. The faculty and the students have worked hand in hand to create such academic success.

These credit of this stellar result is due to the functionality of St. Peter’s School. The following attributes of the school help students excel at academics.

  1. Small class size: The number of students per class is lesser than that of most schools. Thus, students and teachers are well acquainted with one another.
  2. Personalized attention: Because the class size is small, every student receives personalized attention from the faculty and there is one on one interaction. This helps the teachers recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each students.
  3. Good & Qualified teachers with a passion for teaching: St. Peters School has ensured that the students receive education from teachers who are the best at what they teach, such that all the students’ doubts are cleared and they have all the knowledge required to tackle not only the exam questions but prepare for life as well.
  4. Analysis of students’ results for improvement: Teachers ensure that a student’s growth in particular subjects is monitored throughout. This is done such that each student receives due attention and understands the subject perfectly well. Awards in academic proficiency have been instituted to encourage students to work hard and achieve excellence.

Thus, St. Peters School is proud of the students who have excelled in their board examinations, and with the knowledge they gain here, they are prepared to take on future challenges.

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