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St. Peter's School


Established 1904

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St. Peter's School


Established : 1904

Children’s Day Celebration - 2019

Nov 14, 2019 / STPS

On this lovely day, children’s day here at school was celebrated just like our children would want it to be, Entertaining! & Joyous like every day.  A Special morning assembly was held and organized by the school staff. This assembly had talent showcased and presented for our students by the staff which included Dance, Music, Skit, and a special solo singing performance by our dear Principal. Indeed, the boys had a lot of fun while being our audience and allowed us to keep their smiling face lively throughout the assembly.

“For what we do is for what we are known”

We do spoil our boys at times. The kitchen department had organized a special morning sweets & snacks breakfast and evening dinner, where the school staff along with the Principal joined the children to spend this cold winter evening together.

As educators & parents, it should be very much important for us to know that children of this generation do not only seek for education and values but what they really crave for is Time. We at school strongly make sure that our children have the quality to chat with one another on issues other than academics and express their views to each other. This talk – chat could be in the area of life, things around them, or maybe that what they see, and may have a question about?

It was overall an amazing day spent at school with the regular preparation been done by our academic staff for our children as their Second Terminal Examination begins from November 18, 2019.

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